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West + Melo Resting Babe Face - Facial Mist - Vida Boutique Inc.

West + Melo Resting Babe Face - Facial Mist

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Resting Babe Face - Hydrating + Refreshing Face Mist

A hydrating facial mist that soothes stressed skin (and stressed humans)

Formulated with Vitamin E Oil to soothe and Glycerin to lock in moisture. Helps to seal hydration when applied immediately before serums and moisturizers.

Spritz on as desired throughout the day—in the morning, after exercise, while stuck in traffic, or any time you need a pick-me-up.

How to Use:

Start by closing your eyes and gently misting all over your face.

Repeat as desired throughout the day whenever you need a refresh.

Post-spritz, use some of our Priming Moisturizer on skin to lock in hydration.