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Pampas Gals Pink Paradise Pampas - Vida Boutique Inc.

Pampas Gals Pink Paradise Pampas

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The Pink Paradise is a medium-to-full plume size pink-dyed pampas grass. These pink pampas add a touch of femininity to any room. The mood achieved from this colour is vibrance and femininity which compliments any space.  Because each stem is unique and naturally grown, the plume size may slightly differ from stem-to-stem. There will be a variance in how the pink dye is absorbed for each stem which means each bundle can have slightly varying shades of pink.

Trim 3 to 5 stems to fit a tabletop vase, or combine 5 to 10 stems to create a fuller look for a floor vase.

Dimensions: Length: 120cm (47"), Width: 10cm (4"), Plume: 60cm (24").

*** Seen in this picture.  Does not include white pampas***

***Cost is per stem***