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Hello there! Let me introduce myself, I am Adela the founder and owner of Vida Boutique Inc.

My passion for fashion started almost thirty years ago as a child playing dress-up with my twin sister Ana. We used to sneak out in our mother's dresses, makeup and shoes (as many little girls do) and put on the most beautiful fashion shows we possibly could as little ones!

Fashion to me goes beyond clothing, jewelry and accessories. To me, it has always been a way for people to express themselves and show the rest of the world exactly who they are!

This love of fashion as a form of expression is what has lead to the creation of Vida Boutique Inc. Carrying a selection of globally sourced apparel and locally sourced products, including jewelry, accessories, bath&body products, and home decor. Every item and line that Vida carries is produced in small batches and selected under a lens that prioritizes ethical production methods and does not contribute to overproduction.

Be yourself, dress the way you love, and express yourself freely! Vida will be here to support you every step of the way.